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All your engineering needs above and below ground

STA Consulting Engineers offer a single point of contact for all your residential and commercial engineering needs.

We’re different to other engineering companies you may have worked with. More than just consultants, we deliver 1200+ jobs every month across multiple engineering disciplines, providing a holistic, end-to-end service from soil testing and foundation design to structural and hydraulics.

Founded in 1991, we’ve grown to become the largest specialist residential engineering company in Queensland, operating from Bundaberg in Central QLD, down to Bermagui in Southern NSW.

We may be approaching our fourth decade in business, but we’re only just getting started. In the next few years, we plan to shake things up in the market by using more services automation, leveraging massive data, offering new services, and creating better experiences for our customers.

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Need engineering for a building project? We can help.

We're a single source for all your engineering needs, from pre-design advice and design to documentation and job reporting across commercial and residential projects.
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Residential projects

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  • Multi-storey
  • Apartments
  • Medium density
  • Government housing
  • Renovations
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  • Aged care
  • Education
  • Modular
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
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  • Office
  • Industrial
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Our Team

Work with some of the industry's most experienced and dedicated engineers and technicians

In 2003 while completing his BE (Civil), Grant launched his engineering career with STA Consulting. This was followed by a stint in Brisbane where he designed high rise construction, and another role where he worked on a diverse range of projects in the UK. Rejoining STA in 2008, Grant opened and managed the Gold Coast Structural office, before holding the role of Chief Engineer at STA for 6 years. In 2023, he stepped up to the role of General Manager.

In addition to his Bachelor of Engineering, Grant also completed further studies, graduating with an MBA in 2017. He is also chartered (CPEng MIEAust) and registered as a RPEQ.

Known for his practical, commonsense approach to engineering (and problem solving, in general), Grant aims to provide clients with solutions that are both compliant and cost-effective.

In his role as General Manager, Grant is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans, and oversees day-to-day operations in collaboration with the senior leadership team. He regularly engages with key customers and drives a culture of continuous improvement and development — to ensure better outcomes for both staff and customers. Some of Grant’s current focus areas include compliance, safety, quality, and efficient service delivery.

Having spent much of the last two decades of his career with STA, Grant has deep respect for the founders and what they’ve accomplished. Moving forward, Grant is excited to see what he can achieve alongside the senior leadership team, from actively building the company’s already-strong culture, to improving knowledge transfer and career progression.

When he’s not working, Grant enjoys spending his weekends with family and friends — unwinding with a beer, watching sports, or reading a good book. He also likes to try to stay fit by going to the gym, playing tennis, and cycling.

Grant Rosbrook

Grant Rosbrook

General Manager

Nigel has over 30 years’ experience designing diverse structural engineering projects and holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology. He joined STA in 2015 to be part of an engineering company with a talented, hard working team, great culture, and opportunities to grow.

With expertise in concrete, masonry, steel, and timber framing, Nigel’s designs have been used in medium density apartment buildings, townhouses, industrial warehouses, school halls, residential housing, and building renovations. Some of his favourite projects have involved designing luxury residential buildings or renovating and extending a historical residence.

Nigel’s team is responsible for providing clients with cost-effective structural engineered building solutions, on time and on budget, whilst ensuring compliance at all times.

Outside of work, Nigel enjoys catching up with his family and friends, cooking, and following his footy team.

Nigel Wilson

Nigel Wilson

Engineering Manager

Nathan has been with STA Consulting Engineers for almost two decades.

After joining the company as an Inspector in 2005, Nathan soon moved into the role of Foundation Designer. He then spent several years working as a Field Technician, with a focus on drilling, soil testing, and working out of the Brisbane lab.

Since 2012, Nathan has held management roles at various STA locations. He was responsible for opening regional offices in Mackay, Townsville, and New Zealand before moving back to Brisbane as STA’s Change and Development Manager.

In his current role as Field Operations Manager, Nathan is responsible for all fieldwork components, including drilling, inspections, and STA’s NATA accredited soil laboratory.

Nathan Franklin

Nathan Franklin

Operations Manager – Field

Brenton Rosbrook

Operations Manager – Design
Connect with Brenton Rosbrook

Brenton’s role as Operations Manager (Design) encompasses the provision of economical, practical, and efficient engineering design solutions, with a strong focus placed on great client service. He is heavily involved in STA’s Structural, Foundations, Hydraulics, and Specialised Engineering teams.

Whilst completing an Associate Degree of Engineering (Civil), Brenton joined STA in 2010. He then pursued opportunities for continued learning to broaden his experience and skill set, and soon progressed into senior design and leadership roles within the business. Prior to his appointment as Operations Manager (Design) in 2023, Brenton managed the Structural Design division and was responsible for overseeing process and delivery of structural services, with a quality-first approach.

Brenton strives for continuous improvement, whilst empowering his team to achieve their goals — both personally and professionally. When challenges arise, he works hard to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Brenton playing his guitar, woodworking, or getting stuck into DIY or home renovation projects. He also enjoys checking out local restaurants and bars with friends and family.

Brenton Rosbrook

Brenton Rosbrook

Operations Manager – Design

With 25+ years in the engineering industry and a personal passion for DIY renovation and property development, Stefan has developed extensive knowledge across all aspects of the micro-engineering requirements within the residential construction sector. This includes building structure engineering, site development, soils, foundations, and building hydraulics.

Stefan first joined STA in 2011 as Senior Design Engineer and Office Manager in Adelaide until the Adelaide office closed in 2014. He soon rejoined STA’s Brisbane team as a Building Hydraulics Designer and within the year, he was promoted to Building Hydraulics Manager. His team is responsible for providing industry compliant hydraulic design for the residential sector.

Prior to working for STA, Stefan attained an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering before beginning his career as a junior engineer in the government sector. He gained experience working in civil, wastewater, structural, geospatial, and traffic engineering projects. Later, he moved into the private sector and built up substantial knowledge and experience through contract engineering services in local civil sub-division projects, as well as local and international structural projects (such as the Dubai Formula 1 Racetrack construction in Abu Dhabi).

Stefan enjoys the focus that working in building hydraulics has brought to his engineering career, while offering STA customers a truly holistic approach to building hydraulic solutions. His expertise has been instrumental in growing the department into a highly respected and active branch of STA Consulting. He is particularly proud of STA’s position as the industry leaders in pipework articulation design.

When he’s not busy leading his team, you’ll find Stefan playing football (though you might call it soccer), spending time with his family, and working on DIY building projects.

Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt

Hydraulics Manager

Mayoo joined STA in late 2017 as a Structural Engineer and was promoted to Inspections Manager in late 2022.

In 2011, he graduated from university with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons. 1), majoring in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, and completed his Ph.D in Structural Engineering in 2015.

As Inspections Manager, Mayoo is responsible for overseeing and evaluating STA’s delivery of inspection services. This involves balancing engineering and commercial outcomes, while ensuring consistency and standards compliance.

He’s proud of the progress STA has made in improving inspection quality and is keen to see further achievements and continual improvement in this area.

Outside of work, Mayoo enjoys reading, jogging, and spending time with his family.

Mayoo Mayooran

Mayoo Mayooran

Inspections Manager

Luke Davis

Soils and Foundations Manager
Connect with Luke Davis

Luke joined STA in early 2008 after a couple of his mates, who were already with the company, encouraged him to apply.

He’d always had a keen interest in building and construction, so he sent through his resume, had an interview the next day, and was on the job the next morning. 16+ years later and he’s still happily with STA, though his role has evolved over the years from Senior Team Leader and Senior Design Technician, to his current role as Foundations Design Manager.

The Foundations team is responsible for producing high quality design reports within target turnaround times. This is always a challenge during periods of unprecedented workloads — but Luke is proud of how his team comes together and works hard to improve lead times.

Luke places a strong emphasis on professional communication and the importance of listening and sharing information. He’s a big believer in empowering people (rather than micromanaging them) so that they can be productive, successful, and overcome challenges.

When he’s not at work, Luke enjoys spending time with his family and heading outdoors to go camping, visit the beach, or play a round of golf.

Luke Davis

Luke Davis

Soils and Foundations Manager

Ben McDonald

Structural Manager

Ben brings more than 20 years of design experience in the building and construction industry. He completed an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering in 2004 and joined STA Consulting Engineers in the same year.

Over the last two decades, he’s held several roles within the company (each with a similar focus), from Structural Manager and Brisbane Structural Team Manager, to his current title of Structural Design Manager.

At present, Ben is actively developing a great team, and focuses on ensuring that clients receive quality structural designs in a timely manner. He particularly enjoys being part of the work STA is doing and branching into different design fields.

When he’s not working with the team to design solutions for STA’s clients, you might find Ben getting away with the family, playing golf, fishing, and watching his favourite sports.

Ben McDonald

Ben McDonald

Structural Manager

Victor Takaliuang

Specialised Engineering Manager

Victor has 16+ years in commercial and residential construction projects, with a focus on light gauge steel framing. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) and Master of Engineering (Structural).

He joined STA in mid-2010 to pursue opportunities to use and further develop his engineering skills.

As a specialised engineering manager, he is responsible for producing high quality results with light gauge steel framing design, as well as water tank design. In addition to his core focus area, Victor has experience in other types of construction materials, including timber, concrete, and aluminium.

During his downtime, Victor enjoys playing music, travelling, and catching up on sports.

Victor Takaliuang

Victor Takaliuang

Specialised Engineering Manager

With more than two decades of experience in service and facilities coordination across various industries, including security, safety, entertainment, communications, and public service, Richard is an expert in planning and workflows.

He joined STA Consulting in early 2022 as Master Planner (Design & Draft), and is responsible for resource management, workload prioritisation, customer liaison, and the continual improvement of systems and processes.

He holds a Diploma of Business Studies, with a focus on Business Administration and Management.

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Master Planner – Design

Chris’s expertise lies in workforce and capacity planning, and he has a diverse background that spans engineering, transport, telecommunications, security, and power transmission. He holds a Bachelor of Business and Cert IV in Project Management, and has two decades of professional experience.

In mid-2021, Chris saw an opportunity to broaden his skills and experience work in a different sector, and joined STA Consulting as a Master Planner (Field).

At STA, his role involves daily job tasking for both fieldwork and inspections, and ensuring appropriate resource and job distribution. Chris is also involved in operational planning cycles and any projects that impact those plans. He uses STA’s systems and KPI measurement tools to support continual performance improvement and ensure product and service quality standards (such as on-time soil tests and inspections) are met.

If an urgent request comes through, Chris will work to escalate the issue with team members to expedite the delivery, wherever possible. You can count on Chris to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

When he’s not busily planning projects and managing resources, you might find Chris spending time with his family and friends, kicking a soccer ball around, or playing video games.

Chris Parry

Chris Parry

Master Planner – Field

Paul Slater

Business Development Manager
Connect with Paul Slater

Having worked in the building construction industry for 20+ years across both technical and management roles, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his role as Business Development Manager.

Currently completing an MBA via the Australian Institute of Management, Paul joined STA in 2023 because he saw an opportunity to build a career, instead of just working another job.

Paul’s main focus is on the start of STA customer journeys — he chats to new leads, negotiates client pricing, and has a customer centric focus that both delivers a positive experience and builds long-term relationships. He believes there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to engineering, and takes the time to understand each individual client’s situation so that he can tailor STA’s services to meet their needs.

After he clocks off, you might find Paul having a couple of drinks, hanging out with mates, or catching up on the latest in the NRL, F1, and MotoGP.

Paul Slater

Paul Slater

Business Development Manager

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor of Business from QUT and has 14+ years experience in professional and administrative roles, with a special focus on planning, field support, and customer services. She’s worked across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, plant/equipment hire, real estate, sports, and retail.

Joining STA in 2023 as Administration Manager, Rachel is front line for customer calls and queries, and responsible for processing all customer requests. Rachel manages her workload effectively through clear communication, careful planning, and teamwork, and is determined to uncover and exploit new efficiencies wherever possible.

When she’s not managing the admin load for STA, Rachel loves watching reruns on Netflix, playing music trivia with her partner, and taking long walks with her furbaby.

Rachel Godsall

Rachel Godsall

Administration Manager

Amandeep Gill

Senior Engineer (Supervising RPEQ)
Connect with Amandeep Gill

Amandeep joined STA in September 2019, bringing over two decades of engineering experience (RPEQ – ES, HYD & CE). He is responsible for ensuring that all residential engineering services (including foundation, structural, and hydraulic designs) are delivered to a consistently high quality and meet regulatory and engineering standards. Amandeep continually invests back in his team with training to improve their efficiency, which results in more jobs completed on time and within budget. When he’s not working, he likes to spend time with family and friends, go for walks, read, listen to music, and play games with his kids.

Amandeep Gill

Amandeep Gill

Senior Engineer (Supervising RPEQ)

Larry Norris

Soils & Foundations Technical Manager

Larry has over three decades of experience in the building industry, including 27 years working with STA. After starting his career in surveying, Larry completed studies in soil testing and before applying to work for STA in 1996. Larry’s team is responsible for all aspects of soil testing and foundation engineering (residential). He handles a lot of the customer service and regularly reviews and streamlines work processes to ensure clients get the best outcomes with quick turnaround times. When he’s not talking to clients or managing his team, Larry enjoys watching motorsports and listening to music.

Larry Norris

Larry Norris

Soils & Foundations Technical Manager
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STA Consulting Engineers employs engineering experts for projects in soil testing, foundations, structural engineering, building hydraulics, building inspections, and geotechnical services. We’re proud that many of our valued employees have been with us for decades. 

Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced in your field, if you’d like to boost your career working with one of Australia’s smartest engineering consulting firms, we’d like to hear from you.

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