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Roof Framing Structural Design

Roof framing (or trusses) usually consist of a series of beams, struts, rafters, and ceiling joists, acting as one unit.

Our roof framing design process involves:

  • Reviewing architectural plans and project information
  • Drafting roof framing layout
  • Engineered design of roof framing, taking into account loads and materials (e.g. metal sheet or tiles)
  • A design report approved by a registered professional engineer
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When is it required?

Nowadays, most roof trusses are prefabricated in a factory, delivered by truck, and craned into place. This is much quicker and more cost effective than constructing on site.
While most prefabricated roof truss designs are provided by the manufacturer, we can step in to design any roof structures that require rafters/purlins and roof beams.

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What’s included?

A PDF report is compiled and signed by a registered professional engineer. The design details typically include:

  • Rafter sizing and spacing
  • Roof beam sizing
  • Tie-down of roof structure
  • Supporting structure (where applicable)

Structural experts

With over 30 years’ design experience across thousands of Australian builds, we’re trusted by hundreds of builders across Australia.

Full service

You can enjoy a smoother, more efficient process by also engaging us for your structural, geotechnical, and foundation engineering needs, as well as soil testing and inspections.

Clear communication

From order placement through to job completion, STA makes it easy for you to track the status of your project.

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One engineer for all your needs

Every building project is different, requiring a combination of engineering disciplines. From bottom to top, our engineers can work on soil testing and foundations, all the way up to frame and roof truss design and even inspections. We believe these shouldn’t be thought of as separate, unrelated services.

Whether you’re renovating, extending, building a brand new home, or putting in a pool, you can gain significant benefits from understanding (in advance) the full range of engineering services you might need — and from using the same engineer for all these services.
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Key advantages of integrated services

STA is a one-stop engineer with a service range that delivers three key advantages:

  • Save time and money

Pre-planning your engineering needs means you won’t have to keep re-booking an engineer when you need a particular service. It creates efficiencies that cut service times and save you money by pulling together the services you’ll need, at a lower overall price.

  • Enjoy engineering continuity

With all your engineering done by a single organisation, your consultants tap into a deeper knowledge of the site and the project, which leads to high quality outcomes, with more opportunities for innovative solutions.

  • Less risk, more reliability

While STA always takes legal responsibility for its engineering designs, an up-front engineering services package makes it easier to trust our work with a strong mutual commitment, and reduced risk of potential interruption or delay.

How it works

Engineering consideration – We help you think about your project in engineering terms. What specific services might you need?
Packaged plan – We develop a plan that packages up all the engineering services you need for your individual home or build project.
Prescheduled services – With each service pre-scheduled, we can work more closely with you over the life of the project.

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Whether you’re a builder, developer, architect or owner, STA has the size and range to cover every possibility, with a team of experts in every engineering specialty. Explore more specific info on:
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