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Engineer Compliance Inspections

Compliance is an important part of the building process, as you need to ensure that all work meets the relevant design documentation approved for construction. Throughout the construction phase, you’ll need several inspections to ensure compliance with Australian standards and the approved designs. Your engineer can check a range of elements, including your foundationstructureretaining walls, and more.

If you’re concerned that your building works may affect neighbouring properties, you can also request a dilapidation report to record the existing condition of structures prior to your construction works commencing.

It’s always best if you can work with a full-service engineering company for your building inspections. That’s because they come with specialised knowledge in all areas of your building, from the ground up. They’ll know what issues to look for and will be able to recommend the most effective solutions so you can pass your inspection with flying colours.

Whether it’s a new build or a renovation, STA Consulting Engineers are your #1 choice for building inspections in Queensland and New South Wales. As experienced structural and foundation engineers, we’re uniquely equipped to provide advice on your building. You can expect a smooth workflow, accurate documentation, faster turnaround, and best-in-industry communication.

Our inspection process

We can inspect a building with as little as 24 hours notice. You’ll get results live from site, with report certification delivered within 48 hours.
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Booking enquiry

To book a job, simply call our team, allowing at least 24 hours notice. Our booking team will ask you to confirm details and a mobile number for SMS order confirmation, along with up to 3 email addresses for reports.
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SMS confirmation

Once we've booked an inspection date and time, we send confirmation to the nominated mobile (usually the concreter).
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Inspection day

Our building inspector arrives onsite to carry out the inspection at the agreed time. They'll check all the included elements and note down any issues, which are immediately added to our Live Inspections App.
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Live summary report

On completion, your engineer will immediately email you the Live Summary Inspection Report from the site, noting any required actions. Usually, the concreter, supervisor, and area building manager receive this info. If conditional elements apply, certification documentation will be held until you complete the required actions. Until then, we'll send a daily On-Hold Conditional Inspections Report.
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Certification Issued

Once the building meets required standards, certification documents are typically issued via email within 48 hours.
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Why choose us?

Why choose STA for your engineer inspections?

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Full service engineering

When you work with a full-service engineering company, you get a smoother experience and broader expertise. As specialists in structural engineering and foundations, we're equipped to provide advice on what would be involved in fixing any serious defects.
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Onsite updates

You get information about your inspection right away - even while our inspector is still onsite. From the initial booking until your certification is issued, we keep you informed on progress at every step of the way.
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Clear communication

With STA, you're never left in the dark about your appointment time or results. Our clients get text message confirmation and updates, plus multiple recipients for outcome reports. Our outcome reports include live markup photos for easy identification of conditional requirements. And all our documentation is delivered digitally, which means you get the reports as soon as they're available.
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Last-minute bookings & fast turnaround

We can book your building inspection in as little as 24 hours, and our onsite updates mean you start getting insights right away. With up to 48 hours turnaround on final documentation (once conditions are met), you'll have your certification documents sooner with STA.

“STA are extremely accommodating when we need something from them – even last minute requests. The staff are always friendly and happy to help. STA are always efficient and consistently deliver on time or sooner. The biggest point of difference is their easy process and structure.”

Troy Barnes // Co-Owner
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Recent inspections

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Tell me more about engineering compliance inspections

In order for buildings to be safe, they need to be structurally sound. A structural engineering inspection involves checking different elements throughout the building to look for potential issues. If everything checks out, the engineer will provide certification documents to demonstrate compliance.

Yes. You’ll find there are a few different types of structural engineering inspections:

1. New build compliance
New buildings need their structures inspected – sometimes at various points throughout the build process. This is to check that the building is safe and compliant with Australian building codes. This is the type of building inspection that STA’s engineers are most often asked to complete.

2. Older properties
Over time, some properties may develop signs of structural issues, like cracks. An experienced engineer can inspect these properties to determine the root cause and recommend appropriate solutions.

Structural engineer inspections usually cover the foundations and building structure, and in some cases, your soil conditions. Here at STA Consulting Engineers, we’re especially experienced in inspections for:

  • Soil conditions
  • Footings (foundations)
  • Ensuring a habitable slab
  • Waffle pod slabs
  • Monolithic slabs
  • Suspended slabs
  • Structures

The timing and frequency of your engineer inspection(s) will depend on your build. Most residential builds will need at least one structural inspection after the foundation and structure are in place.

A building inspector is more of a general inspector – they look at all the elements of the building, from walls and electrical wiring to plumbing and drainage. Whereas, a structural engineer focuses on issues that may impact the structural integrity of the building. Things like the foundation and structure.

A building inspector is often called out for things like pre-purchase inspections to make sure an older home is in good condition. Then if they find something that indicates a potential structural issue, they’ll likely recommend a structural engineering inspection to confirm the problem and next steps.

On the other hand, structural engineers are usually involved in inspecting new buildings during the construction process to ensure compliance, issue certification, and catch any problems early on – before the build progresses.

For more on this topic, read our in depth article on building inspectors versus structural engineers.

You’ll have information on your inspection right away via our Live Inspections App. Building inspection reports and certification are delivered within 48 hours after your inspection is complete, once conditions are met. More on our inspections process here.

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