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Site and Soil (Permeability) Evaluation

The site and soil evaluation is a permeability soil test and site assessment used specifically for preparing a wastewater/septic effluent disposal system report. This report is required in order to lodge applications with local authorities for new, existing, or altered plumbing work on non-sewered sites.

The process involves:

  • Field soil collection
  • Site observations
  • Laboratory testing of samples
  • Technician reviews results
  • Report from registered professional engineer and soil evaluator
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When is it required?

Site and soil evaluation is critical for anyone considering an onsite effluent disposal system. We use information from the evaluation to design the system.

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What's included?

The registered professional engineer and soil evaluator provide a report describing:

  • Borehole drilling to retrieve soil samples
  • Site observations
  • Lab-work completed in our in-house laboratory
  • Estimation of Ksat (saturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil) by a qualified technician
  • Determination of soil category

NATA lab

With our own NATA accredited laboratory, we thoroughly test and analyse materials. Because we have full control over the testing process, we produce extremely reliable data for every project.

Professional reporting

Easy-to-follow reports from registered professional engineers help you quickly understand any issues.

Clear process

Our clear, consistent, repeatable processes help build a better client–engineer relationship.

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One engineer for all your needs

Every building project is different, requiring a combination of engineering disciplines. From bottom to top, our engineers can work on soil testing and foundations, all the way up to frame and roof truss design and even inspections. We believe these shouldn’t be thought of as separate, unrelated services.

Whether you’re renovating, extending, building a brand new home, or putting in a pool, you can gain significant benefits from understanding (in advance) the full range of engineering services you might need — and from using the same engineer for all these services.
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Key advantages of integrated services

STA is a one-stop engineer with a service range that delivers three key advantages:

  • Save time and money

Pre-planning your engineering needs means you won’t have to keep re-booking an engineer when you need a particular service. It creates efficiencies that cut service times and save you money by pulling together the services you’ll need, at a lower overall price.

  • Enjoy engineering continuity

With all your engineering done by a single organisation, your consultants tap into a deeper knowledge of the site and the project, which leads to high quality outcomes, with more opportunities for innovative solutions.

  • Less risk, more reliability

While STA always takes legal responsibility for its engineering designs, an up-front engineering services package makes it easier to trust our work with a strong mutual commitment, and reduced risk of potential interruption or delay.

How it works

Engineering consideration – We help you think about your project in engineering terms. What specific services might you need?
Packaged plan – We develop a plan that packages up all the engineering services you need for your individual home or build project.
Prescheduled services – With each service pre-scheduled, we can work more closely with you over the life of the project.

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Whether you’re a builder, developer, architect or owner, STA has the size and range to cover every possibility, with a team of experts in every engineering specialty. Explore more specific info on:
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