5 easy steps to book a building inspection

Need to book an engineering compliance inspection? We’ve put together this short guide to help take the guesswork out of the process.

Organising an Inspection with STA is simple. You can go from booking your service through to receipt of certification documentation in just five easy steps. Plus, we keep all the right people informed throughout the process.

Step 1: Call the Inspection Hotline

To book your inspection service, call us on:

  • QLD: 07 3071 7444
  • NSW: 02 4038 1408

Before you call, please ensure you have your STA Job Number at the ready. We’ll ask you to nominate a mobile number for order confirmation via SMS – typically the concreter. You can also nominate up to three email addresses for receipt of On Site Summary Report – typically the concreter, supervisor, and area building manager.

Note: we require a minimum of 24hrs notice to book in your inspection, so call as early as possible.

Step 2: Receive an SMS Confirmation

Confirmation will be sent immediately to the nominated mobile number of receipt of order. This will include the date and time for the inspection.

Step 3: Inspection day

Our nominated inspector will arrive at your site and undertake your inspection at the agreed booking time.

Step 4: Documentation sent

Once the inspection has been completed, the nominated email addresses will receive the completed Inspection Report, noting any actions to be carried out.

Where conditional elements exist (orange status), actions must be completed by the client. Release of certification documentation will remain on hold until the evidence has been submitted for review and released. Clients will receive a daily On-Hold Conditional Inspections Report.

Step 5: Certification Documentation is Issued

Once all documents are aligned, the certification documents will be issued. This typically happens within 72 hours.

That’s it!

Remember, if you’d like to book or enquire about a compliance inspection, please call  (07) 3071 7444 (QLD) or (02) 4032 6450 (NSW) or request a quote online.

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