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Why are we a NASH Member?

March 29, 2020
Regulations & standards

STA joined the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH) QLD to contribute to the light gauge steel frame industry. 

“NASH represents the interests of steel frame fabricators for housing and low-rise framed construction, their customers and suppliers. Our members include specialist steel frame fabricators, builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.” 


Key activities undertaken by NASH include:

  • Identifying opportunities and obstacles to the industry’s growth
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Technical improvement of steel framing products and systems
  • Ensuring more builders and tradespeople can work with steel frames
  • Ensuring members conform to acceptable standards of business conduct
  • Facilitating information exchange
  • Providing advice to the public
  • And much more

As one of the largest providers of steel frame engineering in Queensland, we have a lot of knowledge and experience we can contribute.

Our clients range from small business to national operations that rely on us for cost-effective steel frame solutions in a quick turnaround environment.

In partnership with roll forming companies and individual manufacturing businesses, our engineering services include subfloor design, studs calculations, bracing requirements, lintel design, joists spans, and truss review. Our clients can rest assured that we’re across all the latest industry news and standards for steel products and systems.

Over the years, we’ve also published numerous proprietary Design Manuals for greater understanding of frame capabilities as an educational tool, as well as detailing and estimating use. 

We’re proud to contribute to NASH’s mission to grow and sustain the light structural steel framing industry in Australia.

Find out more about NASH or if you work in the steel framing industry, learn about how you can sign up as a member.

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