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COVID-19 Update: Continuing to deliver great engineering services

April 16, 2020
Regulations & standards

As a service provider to “essential service” construction sites and building industry, as outlined by the Prime Minister and reported by Master Builders, STA Consulting Engineers remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic – albeit with some operational changes that ensure we comply with state and federal government requirements.

This post will be kept up to date with changes as they occur.

Latest Update 15 May 2020: Now providing Cracked House Inspections, as long as safety measures can be met. See details below.

Operational Status

STA are acutely aware like most businesses regarding the uncertainty of our economy as result of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have been proactive in looking at all our operating costs with an expectation that demand for engineering services will decrease in alignment with Building sales cancellations increasing.

At the same time, we are acutely aware how quickly the situation can change. We are constantly reviewing government directives and adapting our response to safety, customer needs, site specific requirements and service delivery challenges.

Like many businesses across the country, some of our staff are now working from home, where possible and where it does not negatively impact the service required for our customers. And across the board we are complying with new government directives for social distancing and safe hygiene practices.

STA has successfully managed the team through previous market downturns and our steely determination is to do that once again.  To achieve this balance we have:

  • Implemented an effective reduction in payroll hours by 40% (3 day working week as opposed to 5) reducing every staff cost across the business from Directors to Field Staff.
  • Maintained teams of staff with staggered attendance, some on a short working week, some working 5 days of reduced hours each day – to ensure we always have each department manned over the working week – again to ensure we service your needs in the turnaround times you expect.
  • Modelled our Revenue forecasts and managed remaining costs to ensure our cash flow can sustain a continuity of business.
  • Actively pursued all the Government support that has/is becoming available.
  • Maintained a regimented weekly review of demand and capacity levels to ensure turnaround times do not blow out if and when demand starts to increase.
  • Continued to communicate to all customers either directly or via our website/blogs any impacts on service delivery.

Engineering Services

We are continuing to provide the following services:

Field- based services, including: Drilling (soil testing, site classification) and Building Inspections (slabs, footings and frames). These roles operate by themselves (individual staff in vehicles travelling to and from sites) in outdoor environments. This means we can readily maintain the appropriate isolation practices and, together with your own site measures, continue to complete jobs as booked.

Travelling across state QLD/NSW border. As an essential service we can traverse the QLD/NSW border to deliver the services we provide. This includes drilling and inspections. Your job as booked will be completed.

Drafting, engineering and all report preparation: We continue to operate as normal for all “office-based” services, though some of these teams are now operating remotely (from home) with full capability in place.

Service that are impacted:

Cracked house inspections: We will continue to book any requests for cracked house inspections and will continue to complete those jobs so long as we feel it is safe to do so. To assist with this we may ask some additional questions at time of booking to understand the site conditions and ensure the safety of the home owner and staff alike. We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in answering those questions at time of booking.

Working Together

Having outlined what we are doing in an open, honest and transparent way we now ask for your continued support as we strive to deliver operations under the COVID 19 operating conditions with the same value and quality we always provide to you.

The STA team is here to support you through this difficult period, and we intend to continue adapting to the changing landscape, utilising remote staff, controlled/isolated site work practices and putting the safety of staff and customer first.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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